Project Information

Suffolk puff christmas tree on Patch & Quilt

Another name for a Suffolk Puff is a Yo-yo.

It is a gathered circle of fabric which can be used on its own as a form of embellishment or several can be stitched together to create a fabric. 

It's great technique for using up all sorts of scraps of fabrics, just like crazy patchwork, but more regular in design.

These instructions are for a Christmas decoration, but you can use the technique for all sorts of ideas and designwork - see Gallery.

Read the instructions through thoroughly before starting. If you are looking for further ideas, see the "Design your own" section and the Gallery for inspiration.

As for fabrics, the inspiration packs are perfect for these - raw, lustrous silks, ikat woven cottons, shimmery voiles...just choose a colour scheme and away you go!